Raid: Shadow Legends

Welcome to the epic world of
Raid: Shadow Legends™!

Prepare to embark on a journey through a dark and dangerous realm where the fate of Teleria rests in your hands. The malevolent Dark Lord Siroth and his armies threaten to engulf the land in eternal shadow, but hope still remains. It’s up to you to answer the call of the Arbiter and lead a powerful alliance of Champions to victory.

1+ M
Champion builds to experiment

One of the most exciting aspects of Raid: Shadow Legends is the unparalleled level of skill customization available to players. With over 1 million Champion builds to experiment with, you’ll have the freedom to create a team that perfectly suits your playstyle. Level up your Champions, equip them with powerful artifacts, and unleash devastating special skills and attacks to vanquish your foes.

PvP Arena

For those seeking a true test of their skills, the PvP Arena is the ultimate battleground. Go head-to-head against other players and climb the rankings to earn special rewards and ascend to new heights of power. But don’t forget the importance of teamwork – join a Clan and work together to conquer the toughest challenges, earn bonuses, and rise up the Clan Rankings.

12 unique locations

With a fully-voiced story campaign spanning 12 unique locations, exhilarating cooperative play, and endless strategic possibilities, Raid: Shadow Legends offers one of the most immersive and cohesive gaming experiences in the battle collection RPG genre. Are you ready to answer the call and become a true Champion of Teleria? Join the raid today and let the Arbiter guide you to victory!

exciting gameplay

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“Great battle game”

I really like this game. It appeals to me in a lot of ways. 1)The art and animation is very impressive. 2) The wide range of characters and champions is great also. 3) There are several different modes of play including campaign, dungeons and the arena. The game is fun.


Diana Cool

“Over all very fun”

I’ve played this game for a while and think that the developers did a very good job designing it. This game did a very good job at balancing how complex it is and how functional it is. Right from the get-go, you can already understand the core game mechanics. I’m always am finding new strategies, which keeps the game fresh. One thing that has always kept me coming back to this game is the clan boss. In my opinion the clan boss is one of the best aspects of the game.


J. Mnemonic 777

“Great game!”

Really good game, guys. I will say that I’ve been playing for a few months now and I have a couple notes which I hope help.

300+ collectible characters

1+ Million Champion Builds

Massive PvE Campaign Map

PVP Arena & Rankings

Deep Strategic Gameplay

A Complete Clan Experience

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